Steve Brown: Liz is running for Congress to take your voice to Washington

A post by Dr. Steve Brown, Liz's husband of 33 years:

My wife, Liz, and I have been inseparable since our Notre Dame days and she’s been a dedicated mother raising our seven children. She’s given back to our church and the community in countless ways. More recently she has been serving our region through public service. She has championed conservative principles on both the Fort Wayne City Council and in the State Senate.

Liz is running for Congress to take your voice to Washington. She knows you’re tired of the wasteful spending and the ever-growing size of government. She recognizes threats to our religious freedom and she believes the unborn and their mothers need an advocate. She knows health care is a mess. She understands that government must answer to the people. It should not answer to the establishment, special interests or corporate lobbyists. Liz is not the choice of D.C. insiders, which means her focus will solely be representing you. Liz has also taken a term-limit pledge that she will not serve more than four terms, or eight years. She will go to D.C. and fight for you. She is not interested in becoming a career politician or climbing the D.C. ladder.