Watch: Liz at Local Elected Official Endorsement Event

On Thursday, April 21 local elected officials came together to endorse Liz Brown for Congress. Below are Liz’s remarks as prepared for delivery. You can view the list of local elected officials supporting Liz at the bottom of this post.

Liz’s remarks:

Thank you all for coming, especially these dedicated local government officials.

Steve and I are blessed with seven children and two in-laws and have loved raising our family here in Northeast Indiana.

But Washington is a mess and we need new leadership. With my maturity, knowledge and 26 years of experience here as a community volunteer, educator, attorney, and more recently on City Council and as a state senator, I believe I am the best candidate in this race to help get our country moving in the right direction again. We need people with the right skills, who are ready day one, who don’t just understand the problems, but have solutions.

First, Obamacare must be repealed; it is a pox on our health care system and is killing our economy.  I meet too many employers who will not hire above 50 employees, and employers all over that who are paying the penalty instead of adding jobs and reinvesting in order to grow our economy.

Health insurance should be portable and cafeteria style because we do not all have the same health needs or need the same coverage. We should take the current cap off health savings accounts so that people can take ownership of their health care and invest their hard earned dollars wisely in themselves.

Also, clearly, the size of the federal government must be reduced and its overreach into local affairs must be stopped.  I have successfully passed legislation in my two years at the Statehouse that reduces the size of government and cuts taxes.

I am the only state senator who voted against automatic utility rate increases…because that is not how good government should work.

I am also the only current state senator in this race to vote to return local tax dollars, almost half a billion worth, to local communities, to spend on roads, because I know these people know best the needs of their communities.  And we can’t grow our economy in Northeast Indiana if we don’t have the badly needed infrastructure.  And if you’re running to represent Northeast Indiana in D.C., then you should understand that infrastructure is vitally important to growing our economy.

And finally, I am the only current state senator who voted for the process to bring a balanced budget amendment in order to finally stop Washington from spending money it doesn’t have.  We need strong intelligent leaders who will stop the government from the Department of Education’s overreach into our schools and stop agencies like the FCC from spending $2.25 billion on Obamaphones and free Internet to 12 million people, who are supposed to be looking for a job.

Lastly and most importantly, I will continue to fight for and be the voice for those who will never have a voice, and for those, because of God's grace and our work, should have a voice someday, the unborn. I have proudly marched and fought at the local level, in the state senate and proclaimed on the courthouse lawn that we should always stand up for the sanctity of life, from conception to natural death.  In two short years I have successfully carried and passed the most life affirming legislation in the country, and I will unapologetically carry that fight to D.C., because I know as a mother and a woman of faith that all God's children are blessings.

These skills will help me in this endeavor, but I am not seeking a career.  That’s why, unlike some in this race, I have firmly pledged to term limits, because I am not a career politician, I am seeking a job I know I am qualified to do, but I will be returning home to my husband, family and friends, right here in Northeast Indiana.

These elected officials who are supporting me are frontline public servants, and I know how hard they work, and how passionate they are about our communities. I am proud to serve with them, and will continue to champion their good stewardship.  Those here have added this event to their busy day, and those unable to be here are doing what we all do, serving their constituents.  I make a solemn promise to continue to take their model of a good public service with me to D.C.

Local elected officials supporting Liz for Congress:

Susan Glick, Senator for Indiana District 13
Travis Holdman, Senator for Indiana District 19
Tom Wyss, former Senator for Indiana District 15
Martin Carbaugh, Representative for Indiana District 81
Dave Ober, Representative for Indiana District 82
Bob Morris, Representative for Indiana District 84
Max Weber, Albion Town Council
Bill Brown, Allen County Council and former Allen County Commissioner
Joel Benz, Allen County Council
Anita Mather, Allen County Recorder
Susan Orth, Allen County Treasurer
Darren Vogt, former Allen County Council President
Ken Meyer, Decatur Mayor
Matt Dyer, Decatur City Council
Wylie Sirk, Decatur City Council
Lana Keesling, Fort Wayne City Clerk
Tom Freistroffer, Fort Wayne City Council
Steve Updike, former Mayor of Huntington
Jim Dazey, Kendallville City Council
SuzAnne Handshoe, Kendallville Mayor
Patty Fisel, Ligonier Mayor
Floyd Ball, New Haven City Council
Eric Blackman, Noble County Prosecutor
Dave Dolezal, Noble County Commissioner
Dave Abbott, Noble County Commissioner
Jim Getz, Steuben County Council
Lynne Liechty, Steuben County Commissioner
Vicki Andrews, Wells County Council
Tom Western, Whitley County Council
George Schrumpf, Whitley County Commissioner