Brown Has Successful Legislative Session Passing Conservative Proposals

Brown: I am especially proud of our life-saving, pro-life advancements

INDIANAPOLIS - A number of conservative proposals by Indiana State Senator and candidate for Indiana's Third Congressional District, Liz Brown, were passed in the now-concluded 2016 General Assembly session. Among the measures passed:

House Enrolled Act 1337: Language written by Brown and amended into the bill will prevent a Planned Parenthood-type of harvesting and trafficking scandal in Indiana. Brown was also an author and leading advocate of the disability, gender and race abortion ban included in the bill.

Senate Enrolled Act 315: Introduced by Brown and passed in both chambers unanimously, this legislation will encourage umbilical cord blood donation. Umbilical cord blood cells offer an ethical alternative to embryonic stem cells and are helping to save lives through transplants and ground-breaking medical research.

Senate Enrolled Act 366: The bill, authored by Brown, will reduce state overnight and increase local control of solid waste management districts.

Senate Enrolled Act 308: An amendment by Brown was included in Senate Enrolled Act 308 on property taxes. Brown's amendment removes a requirement for mandatory audit of every taxpayer's business personal property tax filing.

House Enrolled Act 1272: Brown sponsored this measure in the Senate, which helps deployed military members meet continuing education and licensing requirements from a distance. 

House Enrolled Act 1211: Brown sponsored this measure in the Senate, which makes it a crime to cause fire or explosion while making methamphetamine. This legislation was desired by fire fighters and those who live in neighborhoods with vacant homes that may be targeted by criminals.  

Brown said of the legislative session, "Our constituents expect us to enact common sense legislation that reduces the size of government and sends more control back to local communities. I believe we accomplished that. I am especially proud of our life-saving, pro-life advancements. Without the right to life, all other rights are meaningless.

"In Indiana, we know more government is not the answer. We know individuals do best when they keep more of their hard-earned money and are empowered to make decisions for themselves and their families. I look forward to taking common sense, limited government principles to Washington when I am elected to Congress."

Liz Brown, a Republican, seeks to represent Indiana's Third Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Brown currently serves Indiana Senate District 15 in the state legislature and is a former member of the Fort Wayne City Council. She has a long history of community involvement including roles with Boys and Girls Clubs, Cub Scouts, Parkview Hospital Ethics Committee, Notre Dame Club of Fort Wayne and various school boards. As a registered Civil and Domestic Mediator with her own mediation business, Liz maintains a number of associations in the legal field. Liz and her husband of 33 years, Steve, have seven children.

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