Liz Brown Pledges to ‘Reject the Debt’


Brown joins nonpartisan Coalition that includes Rep. Steve Chabot (OH-01), Sen. Ted Cruz (TX) and Rep. Mark Sanford (SC-1)

FORT WAYNE, IND. – State Senator Liz Brown, seeking to fill Representative Marlin Stutzman’s seat in Indiana’s 3rd Congressional District, has officially signed the Coalition to Reduce Spending’s pledge to reduce spending. The pledge stipulates that Brown will not vote for any spending without offsets elsewhere in the budget and will vote only for budgets with a path to balance. Stutzman, himself a longtime advocate of cutting spending and debt, is running for U.S. Senate.

Brown joins hundreds of candidates and elected officials from across the country. Elected signers include Rep. Steve Chabot (OH-01), Sen. Ted Cruz (TX), Rep. Doug Collins (GA-9), and Rep. Mark Sanford (SC-1).

On signing, Brown released the following statement:

“Before the only legacy that we can leave our children is an I.O.U., we need to stop the reckless federal spending. I will take Indiana’s model of fiscal conservatism to Washington and fight for the taxpayer.”

Jonathan Bydlak, president of the Coalition to Reduce Spending, released the following statement in response to the news:

“Countless special interests stand in opposition to reduced federal spending. In this environment, it’s no surprise that election promises can be as temporary as the races that produce them. For a candidate to put a commitment like this one on paper requires commitment that goes above and beyond the average.”

“We’re thrilled Senator Brown has done just that,” he added, “and citizens in Indiana should be thrilled as well.”

As the 2016 elections draw closer, the Coalition says it has been in touch with the other candidates in the race and also plans to reach out to every elected official and candidate for office with the opportunity to go on the record with regard to spending.

More information, including the full text of the pledge, can be found online at

Liz Brown, a Republican, seeks to represent Indiana’s Third Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Brown currently serves Indiana Senate District 15 in the state legislature and is a former member of the Fort Wayne City Council. She has a long history of community involvement including roles with Boys and Girls Clubs, Cub Scouts, Parkview Hospital Ethics Committee, Notre Dame Club of Fort Wayne and various school boards. As a registered Civil and Domestic Mediator with her own mediation business, Liz maintains a number of associations in the legal field. Liz and her husband of 32 years, Steve, have seven children.

The Coalition to Reduce Spending is a non-partisan advocacy organization dedicated to limiting federal spending. Its Reject the Debt spending pledge commits elected officials and candidates to (1) consider all spending open for reduction and vote only for budgets that present a path to balance and (2) vote against any appropriations bill that increases total spending and against the authorization or funding of new programs without offsetting cuts in other programs.