Wasteful Spending

The national debt will hit $20 trillion before President Obama leaves office. Moderate, big-spending Republicans put us on this path with excessive spending in the 00’s and a constant willingness to up the debt limit. President Obama and Washington liberals have simply made things worse.

We need leaders in Washington who are willing to say, “enough is enough.” I am running for Congress because I’m willing to fight the spending spree that D.C. politicians are on with our money. I will oppose the liberal policies that are running up our national debt. I will stand up to Washington special interests who continue to demand funding for their pet projects. There’s a reason I’m not the choice of Washington insiders.

I signed the Coalition to Reduce Spending's "Reject the Debt" pledge. The pledge stipulates that I will not vote for any spending without offsets elsewhere in the budget and will vote only for budgets with path to balance. This is a common sense approach. As your congresswoman, I will take Indiana's model of fiscal conservatism to Washington and fight for all taxpayers.

We can correct the spending path we’re on before it’s too late. We can balance our budget, draw down the debt and give future generations an America with strong fiscal health.


Protecting Traditional Family Values

Strong families are the foundation of a strong nation. As a mom of seven, past president of the Boys and Girls Club Board, educator and former school board member for various institutions, I know children thrive with a strong family foundation. Parents, not government bureaucrats, are in the best position to make decisions about their children’s upbringing.

I strongly believe in our God-given right to life, from which all other rights are derived. I believe science undeniably shows us that human life begins at fertilization and is deserving of our protection. I will fight for the right to life for all innocent, human life and I will seek ways to end abortion. While seeking the protection of unborn life, at the same time we must support efforts to help pregnant women as they pursue motherhood or adoption. These women are not helped by Planned Parenthood and I will be steadfast in leading efforts to defund the abortion giant. The Allen County Right to Life and Indiana Right to Life Political Action Committees endorsed my campaign for state senate.

Strong families benefit through strong marriages. I support marriage as a union between one man and one woman. I believe the future of marriage should be decided by states’ voters, not unelected judges, activists or big business.

Government needs to recognize, and respect, its citizens’ right to religious freedom. Countless immigrants settled here as they escaped religious persecution in their own land. The United States must continue to be a beacon to those who wish to live out their religious convictions without government coercion. Religious freedom is at the core of the great American experiment and I will continue to protect that value in Washington.

National Security

One core function of the federal government is to provide a strong national defense. Recent foreign policy failures by the Obama administration remind us why we need strong and vocal leaders in Washington who will never apologize for our values and will work to make America respected around the world while remaining strong in the face of a threatening world. We must fund and train our military to respond to radical Islamic terrorists before they can wreak havoc on innocent Americans. We must secure our borders immediately. We must also stand with our allies, especially Israel, a valuable friend in a vulnerable region.


Daily I have a glimpse into the challenges facing the health care system, as my husband of 33 years is a practicing cardiologist at Parkview Health. Obamacare is costing jobs, hurting families and stifling business growth. I believe we must end Obamacare immediately. True health care reform must guarantee the patient doctor relationship and restore free market principles in our nation’s healthcare system. The federal government must also empower states to make health care decisions that are best for their residents.


2nd Amendment

The freedom to keep and bear arms, as provided in our U.S. Constitution’s 2nd Amendment, must be protected. I am a strong supporter of gun rights and oppose federal efforts that encroach on our national freedom.

I am a proud member of the National Rifle Association.



Our veterans represent the finest America has to offer. We owe them a debt we can never repay. We must make quality healthcare for our veterans a guarantee and uphold the promises that were made to these brave Americans.



A strong American future depends on the education decisions we make today. As a substitute teacher, adjunct professor at University of Saint Francis and former member of several local parochial school boards, I understand the challenges facing our schools, teachers and students. My youngest of seven children graduated high school in 2011, and in only a few years, we have seen big changes to the education system.

We need the federal government to end one-size-fits-all mandates like Common Core and misguided policies like No Child Left Behind. Instead, decision-making authority needs to be in the hands of parents, teachers, local school boards and the state. I support efforts to abolish the U.S. Department of Education.